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Android phones have Android Beam, a feature that allows two smartphones to quickly share a web page, contact, photo, video, or other type of information.

Security in Near Field Communication ( NFC ) Strengths and Weaknesses

Touch two phones back-to-back and the content being viewed on one device will be sent to the other. Anyone can purchase NFC tags, which are fairly cheap. You can configure the action that occurs when your smartphone comes in contact with the NFC tag.

Instead of doing this manually each night, you could put an NFC tag on your bedside table. When you go to bed, you can place your smartphone onto the NFC tag and your smartphone will perform an action you can configure, such as automatically enabling silent mode.

What is NFC? Everything you need to know | TechRadar

These are just a few examples — you can perform any action an app on your smartphone can execute. Image Credit: Nathanael Burton on Flickr.

Image Credit: mac morrison on Flickr. This is just a snapshot of what NFC is currently being used for. Image Credit: Tupalo.

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Near Field Communication

Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux. For communication that requires a longer time or longer distance, NFC Connection Handover technology may be used to transition the connection to Bluetooth.

What is NFC?

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NFC is a feature in nearly every phone these days - but what can you do with it?

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After linking a credit card to your device, you can make payments by simply holding your device near an NFC-enabled payment machine. Subscribe to TechTerms.