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The book covers most of the common diagnostic problems seen in the ED and is recommended reading for all levels from junior doctors to departmental directors.

Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Decision Rules

Perhaps we could even encourage some of our in-patient colleagues to read it as well! Take the chapter on ACS for example.

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I found the detail presented actually obscured the key findings and the interpretation of those findings. The chapter did not focus on what were acceptable levels of missed cases; what sort of populations should have tests applied; how to select patients for which tests…the sort of information a clinician would need in order to make real life decisions and apply to daily practice.

Some of the introductory comments look somewhat generic and not as well researched as the following reviews.

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Finally this book would be much better as an electronic version with links to decision rules, statistical calculators and diagnostic aids mentioned throughout the book. Overall this is a well written, laid out and useful addition to the Emergency literature which would be a much better book if on-line and linked to the many useful diagnostic aids it talks about and recommends.

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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. NOOK Book. Both Dr. Pines and Dr. Everett practice emergency medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

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They are trained in clinical epidemiology and biostatistics, and well versed in evidence-based medicine methodology. Click to read or download. Until now there has been a paucity of truly evidence-based guidance for diagnostic and clinical decision making in the ED. Pines and Everett have smartly aggregated a substantial body of information into a compact textbook format for emergency practitioners.? The authors review a large number of clinical decision rules and studies comparing diagnostic modalities?

Respiratory Care , June 'The chapter structure works very well and the author commentary provides a useful bottom-line conclusion and practical insight. The book is well organized and well written, with sufficient depth to address each of the clinical diagnostic questions. The authors provide a balanced, evidence-based approach that encourages readers to review relevant data and draw their own conclusions.

Overall, emergency medicine and critical care pharmacists will find this a useful pocket-sized diagnostic testing and clinical decision guide.? The authors are well regarded, board-certified emergency medicine physicians. The authors do an excellent job of providing clinically relevant evidence that we can use to support our daily decisions in the emergency department.

Provide[s] a good summary of clinically useful information that will help each of us to make better informed, evidence-based decisions.?

Doody's Book Reviews , November See All Customer Reviews. This book is about gathering evidence from the literature and evaluating tests as well as clinical rules. The authors have firsthand experience of working in emergency department of a leading academic centre in the United States, and discuss relevant questions that arise in emergency medical care. Origins of clinical problems tend to be culture specific and those in a rich and highly industrialized society may not necessarily be relevant for developing tropical countries.


The authors describe some 36 problems under seven sections including one section devoted to trauma. There is a great deal of state-of-the-art medicine discussed which will interest the reader. In particular, Section 1—The Science of Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Decision Rules—will be useful for medical teams interested in developing clinical rules appropriate for their own setting.

In this section, the authors describe the process of evidence-based medicine followed by epidemiology and statistics of diagnostic testing. A number of statistical concepts that play pivotal roles are explained with examples. Chapters in Sections 2 to 8 follow a common pattern of statement of relevant question, review of relevant literature for gathering evidence and interpretation of the question in its context focusing on how the evidence is applied for patient care. Details of sample size, the actual data and relevant statistics are discussed for deriving the clinical rule.

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The reader is guided through the steps of theoretical constructs behind clinical decision rules. Presentation of clinical examples and the comprehensive discussion of current decision rules as worked out from the literature will appeal not only to those working in emergency medicine but also to those involved in developing clinical guidelines.

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