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The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. I usually sleep in on Saturdays. Amelia is an early riser , but Gorda sleeps in whenever she can. Translations of sleep in in Chinese Traditional.

Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of sleep in? Really really hope to strike this cycle. Claire - that's great! Start getting ready! Hi Girls, Those who ordered the royal jelly I got bad news.. As I stage the orders in first come first serve I have actually left 1 bottle for Claire at the moment.

The website I normally buy from is iherb. I tried to source from other vitamins website the last couple of days but shipping was a major killer esp with vpost and delivery as long as weeks. I reckon dangerous for all the bottles of honey.

It doesnt help that 1 bottle that reach today was broken and I have to absorb that bottle cost.. Claire let me know if you want to give up the order because of the change in price. I can understand. Those who want to drop the order please email me. Again So sorry for bursting everyones' bubble.

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Glad all is well U must be real careful in ur 2nd trim No such thing is safe liao Things cannot eat must not eat, things cannot do must not do hor Calling for tzac How ar.. Hi Claire, Sigh Hence the pressure not distributed properly.

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Hi Claire, No lah.. The cargo might have been thrown during flight.. I am going to skip TTC for next month until it get normalised.. I started on the RJ and the spirulina yesterday hopefully she will be coaxed to come. Really hope that i can BFP this cycle cos i left with only 2 cycles to fulfill my lifelong wish. Btw is Ms. Wong joining?

Hi anyone bypass the western medical check up went straight to TCM? Claire, ok noted. I suddenly feel weird in my middle abdominal, abit stretching feeling.